Ethical Considerations in Transcription

Providing transcription services means handling a wide range of data from customers, including online meeting transcription, audio recordings and other information that can be incredibly sensitive and confidential. That means anyone working in the transcription field must be aware of ethical considerations for their work. Often that leads to companies introducing a code of conduct for staff dealing with information relating to anyone at any time. So, let’s have a look at the key ethical considerations in transcription services.


Confidentiality is perhaps the most important aspect for consideration when dealing with the ethics of handling sensitive information belonging to other people. It is expected that anyone handling transcriptions will always abide by confidentiality. This includes Communications and information being kept private and considering the spacing in which they are working as increasingly people work from home. This means they need to work in an area that is not populated by other family members and where they are alone.


Leading on from this, it is also expected that all work must be kept secure and safe at all times to respect the privacy of those taking part in any recorded materials, as well as the companies offering the contract. Home workers will be expected to offer the same levels of security of data as anyone working in an office, and this is often achieved by using secure storage, either on the machine or in a cloud.


Impartiality is also key when it comes to handling information belonging to other people. Transcribers must keep a neutral stance at all times and remain impartial during the transcription of any recorded material. This means that no matter what is in the online meeting transcription, the finished transcription documents and source material are presented without bias.


It is expected that anyone undertaking transcription services has ethical business practices in mind. They must be respectful of any ethical considerations and treat everyone with the same level of respect, irrespective of any outside influences. Transcribers will be responsible for their own ethical actions and must agree to align them with that of the company.


In a similar vein to confidentiality, all transcription services come with nondisclosure as standard; no matter what the operative may hear, they undertake to never disclose or share the information with anyone other than returning the completed transcription to the client. This means that the work is never discussed with anyone, even other colleagues in the office working on different projects. There is a chain of escalation for anyone experiencing difficulties completing their transcription, and that is their nominated person. Other than that, the work will not be discussed inside or outside of the office.

Ethical Services

Here at Singapore Transcription, we understand the importance of ethical considerations in transcription and strive to provide a first-class service. This means that customers can provide confidential recordings safe in the knowledge that they will be handled discreetly, with integrity and complete confidentiality at all times. If you are looking for any of the transcription services we offer, we would be delighted to discuss this further and provide a quote. Why not get in touch today to see what we can offer?