How to Ensure Confidentiality in Sensitive Transcription Projects

Providing transcription services is a normal part of everyday life for a transcription company. Still, there will be a lot of customers who outright ask about how you, as a business, will maintain confidentiality. If you’re going to handle sensitive projects – like patient examinations, for example – how do you ensure that your business maintains a level of compliance with data protection and keeps customer confidence at a high? There’s quite a bit you can do in this arena. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

Establish Rules and Internal Policies

Peace of mind and confidentiality start internally for most companies. It is hard to say that your business handles sensitive information carefully if you know you’re not actively implementing rules and procedures to safeguard data.

The way that you create rules and policies will be down to you as a business owner. However, there are a few suggestions we can offer. First, assign one team to handle all sensitive transcription projects and ensure they sign an NDA, legally binding them to confidentiality. You should also research and implement the latest GDPR guidelines into your business. You can also look for outside accreditation and verification from an agency known for assessing confidentiality and compliance in businesses. A stamp of approval goes a long way to reassuring customers.

Be Transparent

When it comes to sensitive documents, customers can get jumpy about personal information being leaked or lost because they don’t understand what’s going on when the business takes possession of files for transcription. Think about it like this: if you hand over sensitive information for a website, you want to know exactly where it’s going, who is looking at it, what it will be used for, how it is stored, and so on.

If you want to ensure confidentiality and help with confidence among customers, transparency is the name of the game. You put people at ease if you outline exactly what happens to the files and who accesses them. Furthermore, this transparency is good for you anyway – by holding yourself to a high standard publicly, you make it easier to do so privately – and you’re doing what’s expected of you and people like that.

Work With Professionals

For many companies, transcription is just one service they offer, and it may not be cost-effective or practical to overhaul entire chunks of their structure for the sake of this one service. In that case, outsourcing to a third party specialising in confidential and safe transcriptions helps you take the pressure off yourself.

Stay Confidential

Confidentiality is a big part of any transcription service, and people will want to know – rightly so – where their files are going and what will happen to them. Being honest and open about this will help you. Still, outsourcing to trusted professionals is definitely the way to go if you’re not confident handling files safely. Singapore Transcription is here to help you thrive and handle documents safely and securely.