Why Text is Better than Audio

Depending on which study you read, some people, or the majority of people, understand and take in written words better than they do listening to audio. There is no doubt it is easier to take a quick glance back at the last paragraph than rewind audio to that point and listen again if you have doubts about what was said.

Text is easier to search for a particular word, phrase or section, and it is considerably quicker. You simply cannot input ‘find Pelham’ into an audio recording to search for what the term means and in what context it was used. You can in a text document and within seconds the word will be highlighted with all the times it was used shown. Another problem is ‘Pelham’ is actually pronounced ‘pelam’, so unless you know it, an internet search for the meaning may prove difficult. This is a different and existing word with an entirely different meaning, (pelam is kerosene, while Pelham is a type of bit used on a horse’s bridle).

Text works better in many walks of life, and it also works alongside audio and video to open that medium up to another audience. Text has no accents, so is comprehensible to people who know that language, but perhaps find certain inflections too hard to understand in the spoken word.

One example, of many, where text is better than audio is: a doctor’s notes in a hospital situation. These sit at the patient’s bed, and are easily available to any medical personnel passing. In the event of an emergency a quick glance at ‘allergies’ or ‘history’ lets staff know what treatment to give. It could take too long to find this on an audio recording, and in some cases this is a question of life or death. Doctors often record their findings on a patient, but this is then transcribed for ease of use.

Students find text more beneficial. They do not lose part of the lesson by taking notes if they are given a transcript of the whole. They can use this to study at a later date too, and highlight the parts that are of the most interest to them.

Meetings and conferences also are more efficient if a transcription is made. Secretaries or press agents simply go through the written document, taking the salient points and they have a press release ready to go. The transcription can be sent directly to board members or shareholders to keep them up to date with the news. This saves companies a lot of time, and the document is also ready to be archived in an easily accessible format.

Even online advertising is now turning more and more to transcriptions to enhance the customer experience and make life easier. Key words can be picked out, and phrases that give a clear message written alongside a viral advertisement to be sure of getting the message across as best as possible.

A combination of audio and text is ideal, that way you have the best of both worlds. At Singapore Transcription we have a group of top class, experienced professionals who are proficient in many fields and they are ready to do the work for you, so you can get on with more important aspects of your job.

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