Why AI Cannot Replace Human Transcription

Artificial intelligence is becoming recognised in many industries for the benefits it can provide businesses. However, this does not mean that AI is the best fit in every instance, especially when dealing with transcription.

Automated transcription can seem affordable and effective when searching for professional typing services. Unfortunately, AI has some drawbacks, which means it is not the best fit for those searching for professional translation.

The following is an overview of why automated transcription cannot replace the benefits of human transcription.

AI Can Only Recognise Some Voices

Although some can produce crystal clear recordings in every instance, others may find it challenging because of the environment or the person speaking.

At first glance, automated transcription can seem impressive because of the speed it generates text, but if more than one person is speaking, the result could be difficult to understand.

Those providing manual transcription will have several years of experience completing many forms of transcription, including those recorded in challenging environments and recordings that feature several speakers.

Automated Transcription Cannot Format Documents

Automated transcription may be fast, but in most instances, the format will leave a lot to be desired and can often mean work is still needed when completing transcription. After using an AI translation service, many will find that time still needs to be spent formatting the document so it can be read easily.

Using a professional transcription company ensures documents are always formatted clearly and are clear of the errors that can arise with AI-based translation services.

Context Can Be Lost When Using Automated Transcription

AI transcription can create words quickie, but it can rarely understand the context. Although AI is constantly evolving, the human touch will always be required when completing transcription. An experienced company will understand the context of all transcription and ensure this is reflected within the final document.

Speakers Cannot Be Identified When Using AI

It is important not only what is said when carrying out transcription but who is saying it. Automated transcription often means no clarity regarding who is speaking, which can lead to more work.

Human transcription will not only make it clear when someone is speaking but also label each speaker. This ensures no further work is needed regarding professional transcription.

Automated Transcription Services Can Struggle with Accents

The accent of an individual will not be an issue for a human transcriptionist, automated options will often struggle. This is not because of a problem with the person speaking, but the AI.

AI is only designed to recognise local accents. Although this is not always the case, those searching for professional transcription will find the human equivalent is a better fit.

AI Cannot Provide Translation Services

Although automated transcription can be used for widely spoken languages, those wanting complete freedom regarding languages should choose human transcription instead. In addition to transcribing documents in several languages, a professional transcription company can also provide translated transcription when needed.