The Importance of Interview Transcription in Court Proceedings

Although many law firms and solicitors take advantage of transcription, many rely on raw footage when putting a case together. Regardless of whether a firm is defending a client or acting for the prosecution, the preservation of facts is a must. It is not unusual to see evidence displayed in the following ways.

  • Phone Calls
  • Video Interviews
  • Online Conversations

Although some evidence can be examined quickly, there can be other instances where it takes up a lot of time when carrying out research and presenting facts to a court. Fortunately, interview transcription can offer several benefits, some of which a law professional may not have considered in the past.

Ascertain There is a Case to Put Forward to the Court

Court cases can come in various forms, and some are more serious than others. However, the relevant information must be present to ascertain whether a case can be presented to the court.

Establishing this using video and audio footage is possible, but it can be time-consuming. As such, using a transcription company should be considered an investment instead of a cost.

Timestamp Essential Information

Technology has allowed plenty of ways to preserve audio and video but having a record of where vital information can be found can make all the difference when putting a case together with strict deadlines.

The use of legal transcription ensures that information can be perused and presented in a format that makes searching for information an easy and time-efficient process. For example, Zoom transcription can be used where clients have been interviewed via video call, meaning there is no need to browse lengthy online interviews.

Compare Information Easily

Although some court cases will involve the segregation of evidence, there can be other instances where different information provides context to other parts of the case. Allowing a professional company to carry out meeting transcription is the perfect way of ensuring that a bigger picture can be built within a small timeframe.

Because of this, those involved with the case can be updated quickly as to whether there is a case to answer.

Distribute Information to Third Parties Easily

Although many cases will have a dedicated law professional, there will be times when other people need access to the information, including law students, secretaries and those who cannot view other video or audio.

The use of transcription allows information to be distributed among people easily and ensures that those with the proper authority only view raw footage.

Give Clients Access to Information in a Non-Stressful Way

Some legal cases can be more upsetting than others, so it is often welcomed if there is a way of forwarding information that doesn’t cause emotional upset. The use of legal transcription not only aids the distribution but also helps minimise the stress that can arise with some sensitive cases.

Using the Right Interview Transcription Service

Singapore Transcription can offer a professional service that ensures all personal data is safeguarded, whether you require Zoom transcription or any other form of legal dictation.

Singapore Transcription will also ensure that deadlines are adhered to, ensuring that there is never any waiting time when wanting to move forward with a case or guarantee the defence is the best it can be.