How Meeting and Interview Transcription Helps a Business Grow

Although meeting and interview transcription are standard in many businesses, there are just as many professionals not embracing the true value of transcribing audio and video-led interviews. Of course, there are the normal benefits that many recognise including easy distribution and locating of information.

However, used in the right way, online meetings and interview transcription can offer a lot more value and help move a business in the right direction.

Improve Productivity

Meetings and interviews are carried out for various reasons, but there can be a lot of information overlooked when it comes to problems. For example, there could be instances when productivity is stilted. While it may be assumed employees are not fulfilling the role, it could be due to the approach being taken.

Having a clear interview or meeting transcription allows a business to explore the finer details of the discussion and spot trends that will not

Increase Engagement with Employees

Despite the intent of feedback and appraisals, there can be times when employees are worried about criticising the communication offered by the business. However, if it is something that is mentioned by several employees, then the matter is worth investigating.

Ensuring that interview and meeting transcription is carried out by professionals allows you to improve channels of communication by taking action on feedback proactively. The changes made by the business will reinforce that it cares about its employees, leading to an improved channel of communication.

The strategy will also help instil confidence in those that may have been wary about raising concerns in the past, and allows for a productive workspace overall.

Have a Better Understanding of Customer and Client Needs

It’s not only employees that can benefit from interview and meeting transcription, as it can also aid a business when offering a service to its customer and clients. Regardless of whether the business offers a physical product or a series of services, there may be instances where some of the customer’s needs are being overlooked.

Regardless of whether you have held meetings regarding market research or conducted telephone interviews, transcription is the perfect way of reading between the lines regarding feedback.

Although some suggestions will be obvious, a transcription of the meeting allows businesses to look at the words used in more detail.

Further investigation can lead a business to find ways to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them.

The True Value of Transcription Requires the Right Meeting Transcription Professional

Depending on the sector a business operates in, there is a multitude of benefits to yield when using meeting transcription. However, to get the most from meeting transcription, a company needs to ensure it is using a professional service.

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