Carrying Out the Perfect Online Interview Using Zoom Transcription Services

When a person applies for a job role, a business expects them to act professionally. However, there are just as many requirements of the business, especially when operating online.

Fortunately, even those using technology for the first time can ensure the interview is carried out professionally, and the business becomes an appealing workplace for up-and-coming talent.

Test the Equipment on the Day

Testing the equipment used the day before the interview may seem reasonable enough, but this is not always the case. Updates can strike at any time, and having to undergo one during an interview can be a time-consuming task.

As such, you can ensure there are no mishaps by carrying out a final test of the day. Although it may take some time, it can ensure that time is used more efficiently regarding interviews.

Double Check the Schedule

Another mishap can be the mix up of information. Although those with a few candidates can often overcome this, those carrying out recruitment at scale can find it all becomes overwhelming.

Ensuring the information to hand matches the schedule ensures more rapport is built, and no embarrassing oversights are made when interviewing the candidate.

Ensure There Are No Distractions

Distractions can come in various forms, and avoiding them all can be challenging. However, there are ways to ensure that all distractions are limited.

For example, those in a busy office should know not to disturb you unless necessary. It is also worth checking that all mobile phones within the vicinity are silenced.

Ensure The Camera Angle Allows for Eye Contact

Although there is no substitute for real-life interaction, technology provides the next best thing, and the advancements of cameras mean clarity is now affordable.

However, to get the best from an online meeting or interview, the camera needs to be positioned correctly.

Making eye-to-eye contact online can be more complex than in person, but ensuring you maintain in focus and in frame ensure the interview remains professional.

Make Candidates Aware of the Requirements

The remarkable thing about tools like Zoom is that they can be used on many operating systems, but there can still be some requirements. For example, those with outdated technology could find their meeting is lagging, and those with outdated systems may be unable to download the software required.

Although many will be aware of the requirements, you can ensure an interview moves along in the right way by making the candidates aware of the minimum requirements of the software used for the interview.

A Zoom Meeting Transcription Ensures All Information is Retained

Although both parties can make notes during the interview, a Zoom meeting transcription of the interview allows everyone involved in the hiring process access to the same information.

What happens after the interview is just as important as what happens during the interview, and ensuring you have a transcription allows you to make the right hiring decision.

If you would like to take advantage of Zoom transcription services or any other form of virtual interview, then why not contact Singapore Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail.