Use Transcript to have a more effective Classroom

As a teacher or professor, you might think transcription services are of no use to you, but they can help greatly. This applies under normal circumstances, but more especially at present with Covid 19 causing the need for virtual lessons.

Let’s first look at how it can help under normal conditions, as these also apply to the present situation.

Physical Classrooms

In every class there are students or pupils who are not good at taking notes. Many people find it hard to summarise without leaving out important information, so if you record your lesson, get it transcribed and give each student a copy, every student will enjoy the benefits of a lesson with all the facts they need.

In some schools, there are pupils who have learning disabilities, (dyslexia is one example), and a transcription of the lesson provides these students with notes about the lesson that is correct. They may struggle to take clear notes and lose part of your lesson while doing it.

People learn better in different ways; some find it easier to learn from hearing facts, others from reading them. By offering both your voice lesson and a written copy, you are covering both these groups and ensuring the class keeps pace with each other as much as possible.

How Transcription helps Virtual Teaching.

Normally a pupil who misses a day or two will ask another for their notes so they can catch up. This is not possible at present, so a transcription means even if a student misses a day, they still have all the information.

Many video conference platforms do tend to jump or stutter at times and internet connections are not always consistent. You may find when teaching virtually some students miss important information, but by sending an exact transcription you can be sure nothing is left out.

How Transcription benefits Teachers

Recording and transcribing your lessons is a great tool for teachers too. It is a record of what you taught and how you taught it.

If you find a number of students didn’t understand some part of your lesson, you can quickly see how you taught it and look for a different way to explain the same thing. Equally, if students insist you didn’t cover a topic, you can easily see if you did or not.

At Singapore Transcription we provide many types of professional and accurate transcriptions, including for the classroom, so why not contact us to see how much your teaching benefits from a written copy.