Benefits of Video Transcription

Many interviews, surveys and conferences are recorded and then transcribed. Many of these in audio form, but there are benefits in video recording these events. Facial expressions and body language can give away more than words, and at Singapore Transcription our transcriptionists can add these in the written text they present you with, if so desired. A video conference or meeting is much more accurately described when seen, as well as being heard.

Now, on a totally different level, video transcription is necessary in fields today that didn’t exist not so long ago.

Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone every day, and experts say that social video generates very much more than text and images. That has made video marketing popular and a good business decision, as the return on investment is greater than in other forms.

The same experts say that to get the most out of your video marketing you must have a video transcription to accompany it, as this helps engage potential customers.

There are a few reasons why people are more engaged if there is a transcription with the video, but one important one is because so many places now offer TV screens, (airports, cafes and so on). These often have the sound turned down, or so much background noise you cannot hear. In these cases, even of the video captures a customer, he doesn’t know what it is exactly or how to contact the video maker for information, or to buy a product. That makes it a wasted advertisement and therefore wasted money.

Just like any transcription this can be an exact reproduction of the audio only,  or can include any other relevant details, the same way pauses or sighs are added to a verbatim audio transcription to better express the ‘feeling’ of the event.

A video transcription is different from video captions or subtitles. Video transcription is a complete version of any audio, whereas captions and subtitles are short notes about whatever is happening.

Whatever type of video transcription you require and for whatever reason, we at Singapore Transcription have a group of experienced experts ready to transcribe your video in a professional, exact and timely manner.