Legal Transcription

Interview Transcription, Focus-group transcription, Medical Transcription apart from all these types of transcriptions another most important and crucial form of transcription is Legal Transcription.

Legal transcription requires in-depth knowledge of legal pleadings, subpoenas, sworn statements, summon, depositions, interrogations, hearings and legal phrases and our transcriptionists have the required knowledge which they have acquired over the years.

Our professionals make sure that they treat each and every legal audio very sensibly and confidentiality is maintained at every stage. We provide cost-effective legal transcription services and we make sure that our created transcripts are in legally accepted format so that you can have peace of mind and you don’t feel necessity of recreating our transcripts.

Singapore transcription is able to provide you secure and detailed service for PACE transcription, IUC Transcription, witness statements and other such sensitive audios related to any legal proceedings.