Transcribing from Google Meet

Until a few months ago video conferencing was something other people did. The term was familiar, but the use less so, and to many it seemed impractical for one reason and another.

Only a short time on and it is now an integral part of business and will be so for the foreseeable future.

Google Hangouts was known and used by people for private chats and the occasional business call, but Google Meet, while used by a few, was off the radar for most business men and women.

Today it boasts 100 million users a day. This huge jump is due to the current social distancing and the associated health risks of meeting large groups in person. Some schools also made it mandatory to record virtual lessons using Meet, for child safety reasons.

Recording your Google Meet meetings, so you can get them transcribed by ourprofessional service is easy.

There are 3 vertical dots at the bottom of your screen during meeting sessions. Click these, scroll to ‘Record meeting’ and click that.

A pop-up message will probably appear, warning you that it may be illegal to record without the consent of other participants. You have to ‘Accept’ that warning, (meaning it is your responsibility to tell every participant they are being recorded), before continuing. Remember to do this if new participants join the meeting late.

A red rectangle with “REC” will appear at the top left of your screen. This shows that recording is in progress. To stop recording, click the same 3 vertical dots at the bottom of your screen and scroll to “Stop Recording”.

The recording will be saved automatically to your Google Drive. You can then download itand send it to us, and when it is finished we will send you a written transcript of the meeting.

Google Meet is great if you already use Google for many things and therefore have Google Drive etc.

Google say “Meet is fully integrated with G Suite”, but if you do not use other Google products another video conferencing platform may suit better.