Important Traits in a Transcription Services Provider

When most people are choosing a transcription provider, they focus on the price, speed of the service, and how accurate the transcription is. However, there are other things to consider that might not be as obvious. Here is a look at some of the most important factors to look at before choosing a provider.

While most transcription is done by a native of the language, this isn’t clear cut with every company. Dialects and accents can also be more successfully transcribed by someone who has experience with them. Before choosing a transcription service, make sure natives will be handling your files. Choosing a company with multi-lingual transcription is another great option.

You should ensure that the provider you go with is capable of confidentiality. You can ask about the security and encryption methods that are used to see how likely it is that your files will be compromised. This is important for everyone, especially those in the legal or medical fields.

Transcription companies that have multiple points of expertise are likely able to assign an order to the person who is best able to transcribe it. Many transcription companies offer legal, academic, business, marketing, and medical transcription, but not all services offer every type of transcription. Make sure you choose a company that fits your needs.

Determine what the quality control process is for the company you wish to use. Some companies have transcribers who both transcribe and edit, others will have dedicated editors, and some will carry out multiple edits to ensure the file is perfect before sending it on to you, the client.