Be Found – Enhance Your Online Visibility

Nowadays, most of us use search engines to get information. What if your business is not available in the results of search engines? People may not know about your products and services. Do you know how transcription can help enhance the online visibility of your business?

  1. Posting content about your products/services can fetch viewers also called ‘spiders’ by search engine experts. These ‘spiders’ with the help of keywords go through websites. It is advantageous for businesses to post content regularly which will help you to be available in search results and increase the reliability of your company.
  2. Many businesses don’t allow employees to play video/audio at work. So if you are only posting recordings/presentations without text accompaniments your recording will be of no use to them.
  3. Studies show that a large number of online shoppers or researchers prefer text content which they search through keywords. If your website isn’t saying anything in written then your products/services may not reach to your potential customers.

You might be wondering how to go about getting your recordings transcribed. Let me tell you most of the transcription companies including us accept files in digital formats through online server or through email. Once your file reaches them, transcriptionist convert it into a transcript and send it back to you and then you can use it as a newsletter, a blog or a post on social media, etc. So, don’t forget to get your video/audio transcribed and associate your website with being ‘expert’ in your field.